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Historical evidence traces the winemaking vocation of the hills of the Marca Trevigiana back to the Middle Ages. Here excellent white wines were produced which, as it was written in 1606, were exported and appreciated "in Venice, in Germany and as far away as Poland".
It was a natural selection that imposed the Glera in this wine court of the upper Marca and especially in the Valdobbiadene area where it has reigned since then on the steep slopes of the Pliocene hills. The environment is severe, we are close to the first peaks of the Dolomites, but well protected and kissed by the warm light of midday. It is here, in this environment with very solid roots of peasant labor and rich traditions, that our history begins.
In 1920, grandfather Abele bought a vineyard naturally arranged as an amphitheater from Count Balbi Valier. Beautiful and full of promise. A land to start over with, together with his son Adriano. Abele had an extraordinary intuition: to separate this vineyard from all the others, because its characteristics were different. So it was that in August 1933 he presented the Riva Giardino Asciutto, in fact the first real Cru in Valdobbiadene, at the First Market Exhibition of Typical Italian Wines in Siena.