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Our wines come from native Glera vineyards, historic vineyards that have belonged to our family for several generations.

Grandfather Silvio built the first vineyard in 1950, after the end of the Second World War, when agriculture was still the family's only source of livelihood and there are still plants dating back to that time.

The work in the fields has been handed down from father to son, as well as all the knowledge and passion for the land and its fruits.

My father Fernando continued to work the vineyards and increased the land he owned, producing his own wine already in the seventies, the traditional "wine with the bottom", even before the Charmat method was introduced in the eighties.

Since 2012 I have taken over the family business. I wanted to give a name and a label that can identify the product but also our history. With the help of my family, "Ca 'dei Giari" was born, from the names of my children, Gianluca and Riccardo.