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It was 1922 when Vittorio Berton, a native of Belluno, founded the Castello company in Vidor, in the province of Treviso.
Later his son Sperandio joined him in the business, transforming the area of the forest into vineyards with great commitment.
Productivity increases and in 1927 the family begins to market their own wine. In 1979 the company passed to his son Italo, who moved the winery to Via Roma in Colbertaldo, a fraction of Vidor. New machinery is purchased and the processes are managed with the help of new technologies.
The quality of the product improves significantly and the first awards arrive, won in various wine events.
Today the company is led by Vittorio Berton, great-grandson of the founder and his namesake, and includes eleven hectares of vineyards, which ensure a production of just over 100,000 liters.
In 2015, on the occasion of the 60th competition organized by the Treviso Chamber of Commerce, the Società Agricola Castello received a recognition of merit with a medal for Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress.