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The history of the La Casa Vecchia farm began in 1846 with Desiderio Follador in the Cà de Follatori house which gave its name to the surrounding area, the current Borgo Fol or Follo. Fifty years later, in 1896, the Follador family decided to undertake the art of winemaking.
The passion for our work and love for the land we live in is now handed down from generation to generation within our family.
To carry on the wine business, started last century by the great-grandfather Desiderio Follador, there are today Roberta, Emanuele and Mirko.
Our boys today continue a tradition that is first of all respect for the territory of the historic and precious hills of Valdobbiadene, a World Heritage Site.
At La Casa Vecchia the vine has always been cultivated without using heavy vehicles that compact the soil, without using herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Pruning, harvesting and all processing are still done by hand. Flowers and fruit trees are preserved and planted among the vineyards, in a harmonious balance between animals, insects and plants.
Today La Casa Vecchia has become an appreciated and recognized niche company. The guest quarters, the tasting room, the museum and the new cellar have been added to the production cellar. In addition to the well-stocked sales point.